Tigre De Crystal casino offers

The casino Tigre De Crystal invites you to have time to take advantage of all the benefits of this year. The site contains the current shares of casino 2017, in which you can Participate. Every our offer is your opportunity to earn.

Super Game "Cash Box"

Cash box. In front of you will be a box in which you will see thirty safe cells. Each lucky person has the opportunity to choose any of them. The second select already from 29 sections and the next opens the last one.

  • the event will be held: (Third and seventeenth of November)
  • when the levels start: the first-21.00; second-23.00; third-01:00
  • to try their hand in an exciting game, all comers need to buy a coupon. The price is ten points.

Lucky Case

Casino super game "Lucky Case". Super game.

  1. After purchasing a coupon, the dealer sends the ball to the opposite side of the wheel. Suppose it reaches zero, the scroll repeats. The winning number will be determined as soon as it falls into one of the twelve thirds.
  2. In the initial spin, you can increase your balance by 2.5: the drum starts again and a bet is made on "red" or "black". Money donations after the fall of the ball in any marked cell. If you fail, the funds are divided into Two.
  3. In case of refusal of the third rotation, the user becomes the owner of the promotion.


  • Diamond-100 pts
  • Sapphire = 75
  • Opal = 50
  • Ruby = 25 pts

Ladies night

Ladies night. For all women who come to us, we give only 1 coupon, which will allow them to prove themselves.

  • when held: Thursday (October 26, December 28)
  • The prize is accrued only once
  • To join, you should book a free voucher.
  • Employees of our club have the right to completely change the rules or cancel the whole process.

Spin of Luck

Spin of luck. All who will be here on Tuesdays from seven to twelve o'clock, will receive one of the 25 rewards (promo Tito ticket)

  • One guest is only supposed to have one prize.
  • Result: 26 thousand promo-rubles on the account (2 million)
  • Duration: 3.10.-26.12.2017
  • Time: 19.00-24.00
  • An exception is the devices in VVS, as well as electronic roulette/table Entertainment

Poker Pyramid

  • Total: 4 million rub and 1 000000 promo rubles (800000 rubles for each part)
  • Date: 9th September; 14th October and 9th December
  • when rounds are held: 21.00, 23.00, 01.00


  • you are required to take a special ticket for 25 points
  • need a personal presence to assign a high status
  1. to determine the two winners, the traditional scheme is applied
  2. players, whose tickets pulled, rise to the stage and are in different corners of the screen
  3. 21 map appears on the display
  4. all in turn determine their denominations until they each have 5
  5. If the Joker falls, it replaces other values to get the maximum achievement
  6. with a small combination of 25 000 rub
  7. winning reward-100000

Bonus Voucher-2000

Bonus Voucher. A profitable package, for which you pay 2000, offers such a list:

  • 2500 RUB For those who like slot machines
  • 40 TDC
  • can be purchased from August 1 at the reception from Monday to Friday
  • can also contact Cristal Privilege Club
  • action-up to 30.11